Orlando… Chapter 6

It proved to be a complicated day. I woke up at 6:30 – way before my usual time – so I decided to check on the shuttle. Today it is a weather delay. The good part of that is that Cindy can do Friday, so cross your fingers!

It also means that I can do my tour of NAVAIR and that I should go to the Region I meeting. Also, we will be here for the Career Fair opening.

I should be writing up instructions for the materials people for Saturday. More later…..

5:30 PM:
The NAVAIR tour was fun. This facility is the Training Systems Division which is responsible for designing and supporting all the Navy’s simulation training. They took us into the “Dome Room” which had a huge curved screen with this amazing simulation of a KC-135 doing a refueling mission. If you weren’t careful, you could get motion sickness. We even had a Rear Admiral as an escort.

I barley got back when Kate, National Girl Scouts, jumped me. Our goodie bags for “Invent It! Build It!” finally showed up. We did some final materials work and packed everything in sturdy boxes for when they move it Saturday. After that, we set up an assembly line and packed about 275 bags in a very short time. SWE volunteers are amazing. Ladies just came up and asked if they could help.

Right now, Kathleen, Marsha and I are waiting outside the Career Fair. Let the stuff collecting begin!!!!

8:30 PM:
I’m bushed. Career Fair is over for the night. Marsha & I hit it hard hoping that we will be gone tomorrow watching the shuttle. The plan is to check in the morning and if it’s a go…Cindy, Marsha, Jess and I hit the road between 8 and 8:30 AM. We all passed on the hospitality suites tonight. It was not worth the trouble. Nothing in this place is close and even with shuttles there is a LOT of walking.

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