Orlando…Chapter 7

Full Size Lego Mars Rover

The day started out on a high note. They were fueling the shuttle and we had a car. Everyone was excited as we hit the road to the Kennedy Space Center. About an hour later & 10 miles from the Visitor Center, Cindy decided to check for updates….It was scrubbed!!! And scrubbed until November 30th!


We proceeded along and spent several hours at the visitor center. It was my first time and maybe Cindy’s. We took pictures galore, gaped at the rockets, climbed up to see the shuttle mockup, and much more. Astronaut Encounter was neat. Usually it is just one astronaut who talks about her/his experiences. Today there were 4….Former shuttle astronaut Jon McBride, current astronaut James Reilly (who was the duty astronaut) and former shuttle astronauts Tammy Jernigan and Jeff Wishoff who spoke on working at Lawrence Livermore Labs and what’s up with the National Ignition Facility (more later). That briefing was better than many sessions.

We wandered back to the hotels about 3:30 PM. Marsha, Jess and Cindy had to get beautiful for the Awards Banquet. Allison & I did our own thing. First we went out for seafood at McCormick’s & Schmick’s. It was very good once we found it. After getting lost a couple times, we had to circle this huge mall and avoid several valet parking areas before we got there. Once we were full, Allison took me to IKEA – my very first time. We finished off the evening in the whirlpool at my hotel. It was a little cool outside, but the water felt great. I’ll bet the others didn’t have as much fun.

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