Barbara’s Summer Vacation – 10

Day 10 Tuesday June 4


Another early day. We have a ship excursion leaving at 8 am to the Acropolis and the new Acropolis Museum. We were supposed to dock at 6 am, but we made it earlier. The Captain could only go so slowly. Pat has a cabin in the stern just starboard of center. He was up early and said he could see the lights of 3 other ships following us. It is a very busy port.

We got to our bus on time, but had to wait 15 minutes for one of the passengers. He and his wife became the ones to wait for on this trip. The bus takes about 20 minutes from the dock to the museum. I would not dream of trying to drive in this traffic. We went to the museum first and then to the Acropolis. Our guide was very good. He had walkie-talkies for us all with ear buds. Even if you were a straggler, you could hear him. Also he would call us together when it was time to move on.

The new museum is beautiful; very open and full of light. It doesn’t diminish the art by putting it inside. They have done an amazing amount of restoration, but still have a huge amount to finish. Up on the top (3rd) floor they have recreated the dimensions of the Parthenon and are filling in the friezes as they restore or copy them.

The walk up to the Acropolis is fairly steep, but doable. Even when you get up there they have modern sized steps in the worst places to make it easier. There were piles of stones, scaffolding and machinery all around, attesting to the continuing restoration work. You may not have to be crazy to work there but I bet it helps. Just imagine a huge 3D puzzle that is all the same color.

Next we drove around town looking at buildings and Constitution square where all the riots have taken place. It was pretty quiet at 1 pm. We had lunch in a local sidewalk restaurant (pork gyro and a Coke). Then we had the obligatory hour of shopping before he rounded us up and took us back to the pier. Got in about 3:30 and my invitation to the tour of the ship was on my door. Tomorrow at 10 am I go into full geek mode.

Free time until dinner at 6:30 means I will sit in my bathrobe with my feet up and chill.

Napped until 5:45 when the Captain came on and gave a short departure briefing. I got dressed and ran up to deck 15 to watch. They cast off, moved forward so that the bow was in the channel. Then they brought the stern around clockwise until we were pointed straight into the channel. Next they backed the ship put until we were clear of the breakwater and brought the bow around clockwise until we were headed SW. Off we went. Those azipods are phenominal. There was a tug standing by, but we never needed it. That would be a blow to the Pilot’s and Captain’s pride.

Had another nice dinner and then back to my room. Pat came along to snag my rechargeable AA batteries and the charger. I can’t use them since I lost my camera and his is eating batteries like popcorn.

We are at sea tomorrow all day. I get to go on my ship’s tour at 10 am. Unfortunately that conflicts with the fancy brunch buffet in the dining room. They are having special foods, ice sculptures, and a chocolate fountain. Geek still trumps all that.

It is 8:45 pm, the temp is 72F, winds are 18 kts N, speed is 20 kts in a heading of 194 deg with the pressure at 29.864 inHg.

That’s all for now.

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