Barbara’s Summer Vacation – 16, The Last Day

Day 16 Monday June 10

Rome Airport – L de Vinci

It is 9:30 and they just turned off the alarm at Gate 13. Thank heavens. I don’t know what triggered it & they couldn’t figure out how to turn it off for the longest time. I am sitting at Gate 14 waiting for my flight. It boards at 10:30 & Leaves at 11:15. The rest of the group is going through JFK in NY. Their boarding started at 9 am. Our car came at 7 to get us here by 8. The check-in and security procedures are a little more complex than in Wichita, but it all kept moving & took less than 30 minutes. First we stopped at pre-check on the curb where they asked all the security questions, checked your passport and told you to put ALL your electronic devices in a clear plastic bag. That meant cell phone, mp3 players, hair dryers, shavers, chargers, etc. Next was regular check in – both my bags made it under 50#. Hooray! Then I had to stop at customs to get my tax paperwork stamped to get my taxes back. I bought a really nice ring in Santorini. Last step was to go through security. They opened the lane with the full body scanner just as we got close. Pat, Daria & I ran over to be in that line, but the scanner was shut down. Instead they had us take off our shoes – the other lines didn’t – did a pat down, scanned our carryon bags and then did a drug swipe on our belongings in the tubs. We still were through before Joe & Linda. Linda has radiation concerns & won’t go through a full body scanner. .After that we got on a bus to the ‘G’ terminal and found our gates. Fortunately they are in a circle and Gate 14 (my gate) is a few steps from Gate 2 (NY gate) instead of all the way at the end of a long concourse. Now I just have to sit & wait & try to ignore the screaming kid. GRRRRR!!! The kid isn’t the only problem. They have a really loud & clear pa system. Every time there is an announcement, I can’t hear my mp3 player.

It is 12:15 Rome time & we just reached cruising altitude. This is another 767-300. We pushed away from the gate at 11:40 (25 minutes late) and took off at 11:55; not nearly as long as it takes in Chicago. The pilot just announced that we should arrive about 30 minutes early ~2:30CDT); we’ll see.

It is now 6:05 pm Rome time & we are approaching the coast of Labrador. We have 4:05 flying time left with scheduled arrival in Chicago at 2:10 pm. This fight seems longer than the flight out; must be something to do with the light.

I have no idea what time it is. The aircraft landed at O’Hare early at 2:45 pm. My watch says it is 11 pm, so it must now be 4 pm. My phone is dead and hasn’t updated yet. I did find a wall outlet & plan to try charging it. Success – the phone is working. I checked in with Chris & did some texting. The main cost was sitting on the floor for a couple hours; couldn’t find an outlet near a chair.

7:00 pm – we are on our way to Wichita! We pushed away from the gate on time at 6:40 pm (1:40 am Rome time). The beverage cart is squeezing its way down the aisle in our ERJ.

ARRGH! The yard has gone wild! The grass is as high as an elephant’s eye and it looks like the weeds are clear to the sky.

It is good to be home.

This ends my vacation blog. I hope you have enjoyed it. Thanks for letting me share it with you.

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