Barbara’s Summer Vacation – 3

Sorry, I was tired & forgot to post on 6/13.

The pilot boat coming to pick up the pilot after traversing the Straits of Messina.

The pilot boat coming to pick up the pilot after traversing the Straits of Messina.

Straits of Messina.  It was hazy, but the two tall towers are on either side of the channel.

Straits of Messina. It was hazy, but the two tall towers are on either side of the channel.

Day 3 Tuesday May 28

Our first day at sea.

It is 1 pm & I just got out of the shower. Last night I was too tired. I planned to get up early, take a walk, then shower and go to breakfast. You can really get behind fast on a boat. There is no real sense of time.

So I slept in until 9 am (but it was really 10 because we had changed time zones) – there are no morning noises to wake you – took my walk, grabbed breakfast at the buffet. They had shut everything down to one line and had started to set up for lunch. By then it was 11:15 and there was a talk at 11:30 on our first 3 destinations –Santorini, Istanbul & Kusadasi.

My walk was well timed. We were passing through the straits of Messina between Sicily and the toe of Italy. I could see Mount Etna even though it had thin clouds around it. Very typical scenery, tall volcanic island with houses clustered along the narrow belt of shore.

Better get dressed for lunch. Pat, Daria & I have a World Wines tasting at 2 pm.

Turned out to be a quiet afternoon. We are out of sight of land. I tried an “alternate lifestyle” lunch at the small café on the pool deck (14). It wasn’t sit-down service. You went through a line and picked out what you wanted. It was vegetarian, not bad. The nice thing is that they assume people will want one of everything so they serve small portions.

The wine tasting was ok (Deck 3). Pat & Daria bailed on me. We did 6 whites and 6 reds. Nothing really wowed me.

Afterwards I went back up to 14 and sat on a deck chair to read. Deck 15 was closed due to high winds. It was very pleasant out of the wind; cloudy with a little sun and mild temperatures. The big buffet café is the aft portion of deck 14. They have tea and snacks at 4. I went, of course. Forgot to take my camera; will next time to get pictures of the food. Next is a little more light reading on deck, then dinner at 6:30. It is formal tonight; for me that means slacks instead of capris.

I booked a ship’s tour for the next whole day at sea, between Athens and Naples (Day 11, June 5). We get to see the engine compartment and the bridge. Yea!!!

Dinner was very nice. I took pictures of dessert {still have to download off my phone] – Yum!

Next was the Captain’s Toast in the theater. He introduced his senior officers and made a toast to a good cruise. We stayed on for the show. They had to cancel the circus due to rough seas. The act was a Brit named Dave who played jazz piano, various brass instruments of the trumpet/horn variety and finished with a Jerry Lee Lewis impersonation.

As I sit writing this there is more movement by the ship. I feel it best in my butt. It is like someone keeps working the rudder pedals. Re the Navigational Channel on the ship’s TV, we are moving at 18 kts on a heading of 108 deg. The temp is 69F, wind is SE at 34 kts, barometer is 29.385 inHg and it is 11:45 pm.

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