Barbara’s Summer Vacation – 4

OK, I’m caught up now.

Day 4 Wednesday May 29

Santorini Island

I actually got up at 7:30 this morning; staggered up to Deck 15 and did 2.5 laps around the ship. The sun has come out and it is about 70 deg F. After I cleaned up, I went to breakfast in the dining room. They seat you with others. I met 2 ladies from East Tennessee, a couple and their daughter from Canada and a couple from Scotland. At 10 I lined up for tender tickets. If you are not on a ship excursion, you need a ticket for a seat on a tender. The little boats take 120 people and the ship needs to know how many they need.

Right now I am sitting at the stern on deck 15, the top complete deck. There is another deck above us, but it is broken into a bow part and a stern part with the smokestacks in between. There are no clouds, but a lot of haze on the sea. It is very pleasant. Joe & Linda just came by. They are walking off breakfast. I am just going to sit in the shade and read. What a tough life!

Getting ready to meet at 1 for lunch. We are to arrive in Santorini at 2, so we can watch the view as we come in. Then we wait for our tender ticket number to be called. Once we are out of that line, we get to wait in line for the cable car to take us up the sheer cliff. Each car takes 6 people. We will be on the dock for a while. Now it’s off to sun, white houses, blue church domes and finding Allie’s picture.


I left my camera on a bus on the island. I’ll never see it again. It was the one Cliff surprised me with before I went to Puerto Rico. It had all my pictures for this trip.


Back to the good stuff. The tender ride was a little bouncy. We had tickets on #10 so we got over about 3 – 3:30. They took all the people who booked a tour with the cruise line off first. Then there was the cable car ride up the sheer cliff to the town; not my favorite thing. Give me an airplane any day. Of course as soon as you reach the top you are inundated with shopping. We did see the Greek Orthodox cathedral and the small blue domed church that is the classic view…..except they had painted the dome white. There were a lot of other blue domes around. We then took the bus to Oia (EE-AH) on the north end of the island. Usually there are great views back to Fira, but it was pretty hazy today. This is when I lost my camera. We did some shopping, I bought a beautiful aquamarine ring. We caught the bus back to Fira and I asked at the bus “station”, but no one had turned in my camera. The line for the cable car was very long, but we made it back to the boat by 6:30. We changed, had dinner (I took pictures of dessert on my cell phone) and then I want down to the photo store and bought a new camera.

We left Santorini at 10 pm and now at 11 pm we are moving at 12 kts on a heading of 039 deg; the temperature is 67 F, winds are 22 kts from the SW and the barometer is 29.748 inHg.

Tomorrow is another day at sea. It should be nice and relaxing.

The town of Fira at the top of Santorini Island

The town of Fira at the top of Santorini Island

We went up by cable car but you can take a donkey.

We went up by cable car but you can take a donkey.

Church in Oia at one end of the island.

Church in Oia at one end of the island.

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