Barbara’s Summer Vacation – 5

Day 5 Thursday May 30

Another full day at sea. Got up at 8:30, don’t know if I am just that tired or it is the complete lack of light. Walked 3 complete turns around Deck 15. It is easier today. Am I getting up to speed or is it that the ship is making just 12 kts and the sea is calmer? Had breakfast at the Ocean View café on 14 (buffet) and sat in the open area at stern of the ship. Linda & Joe found me there, so we had a leisurely breakfast and then went down to the Theater (4&5) to hear the destination talk on Mykonos, Athens and Naples. At 10 every morning the Captain gives us an update on the day & weather. We should begin passing through the Dardanelles about 4 pm.

Just got a call from Pat & Daria. They invited me to have lunch with them on the aft deck (14). Pat was worried that I was being neglected. That was nice of him. We had a leisurely (the only kind of meal on this boat) lunch and then went down to the shopping decks. I bought a bag that was just the right size for my Kindle. Daria bought a sparkly top. About 2 pm the cruise director announced that Istanbul had requested the captain to speed up due to traffic, so we would enter the Dardanelles Strait about 3 pm.

Up we went with our cameras and watched the land close in for 2 hours. There is a nice sitting area and bar at the stern of the ship. I started playing with my new smaller camera. It fits in the bag with my Kindle. I hope that helps me to hang onto it.

A pilot came onboard about 3 pm. About 4 pm , as we approached the narrowest part, a couple tug boats came out to escort us. The sides of the boats said “maritime security” in English. I will have to Google when I get home to see if English is the official language of the sea as well as the air.

I miss not having Google to answer all those pesky little questions that come up.

Dinner is in about 1:30. Too much eating on this boat!!! I may wash my hair. I want to be on the deck in the next 30 -45 minutes when we will be passing Gallipoli. Went up and looked, probably saw it but detail was lost in the haze & there was no obvious marker.

We five were sitting at our usual table for 6 when the waiter brought over a gentleman to fill the last seat. His name was Bob & he was a retired psychiatric nurse from Liverpool; a very nice man and good conversationalist.

After dinner we went to the theater show. It had been postponed from Tuesday because of rough seas. Lots of fun with singing, dancing, a guy balancing on a ladder & in a large hoop, along with trapeze artists and people on those long sashes.

Tomorrow is Istanbul. We dock at 7 am; our tour picks us up at 9 am for 8 hours.

Boat Drinks on the ship.

Boat Drinks on the ship.

Somewhere in Turkey.

Somewhere in Turkey.

Dessert...Decisions, Decisions

Dessert…Decisions, Decisions

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