Past Officers


Year President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Section Rep
1982 Julie Ellen Acosta Verda Colaw Barbara Bowman Bonnie Johnson Kathleen Callanan
1983 Verda Colaw Suzanne Moore Betty Lipton Debra Kirksey Bonnie Johnson
1984 Suzanne Moore Barbara Delaney Lea Anderson Marsha Meili Verda Colaw
1985 Lestra Wagner
Betty Lipton
Teresa O’Leary Barbara Martin Kathleen Callanan Diane Radcliff
Gwenneth Carlson
1986 Bonnie Johnson Teresa O’Leary Lestra Wagner
Edwin Merkel
Catherine Shemwell
Edwin Merkel
Sandra Stuteville
1987 Kathleen Callanan Sandra Stuteville Lea Anderson Marsha Meili Suzanne Moore
1988 Lea Anderson Gwenneth Carlson Barbara Martin Madalyn Nelson Suzanne Moore
1989 Suzanne Moore Janice Davis Dana Thompson Karen Hansler Lea Anderson
1990 Janice Wilson Marsha Meili Gwenneth Carlson Sheila O’Connor Dana Thompson
1991 Marsha Meili Dana Thompson Ellen Jordan Julie Mann Gwenneth Carlson
1992 Janice Wilson Dana Thompson Helen Haskin Cindy Anderson Marsha Meili
1993 Susan Daggett Kathleen Callanan Marsha Meili Ellen Jordan Helen Haskin
1994 Sheila O’Connor Julie Mann Susan Daggett Alden Wilner Janice Wilson
1995 Julie Mann Gail Brinkman Gayleen Beckman Alden Wilner Pam Waterman
1996 Bonnie Johnson Cindy Hoover Chris Cathcart Alden Wilner Mary Kay Chavez
1997 Chris Cathcart Cindy Hoover Amy Allen Bonnie Johnson Jennifer Reilly
1998 Chris Cathcart Jennifer Reilly Mary Kay Chavez Bonnie Johnson Cindy Hoover
1999 Cindy Hoover Chris Cathcart Mary Kay Chavez Marie Kelly-Doggett Marsha Meili
2000 Karla Romereim Deana Fitzsimmons Angela denHoed Maria Kelly-Doggett
Vicki Johnson
Cindy Hoover
2001 Karla Romereim Cindy Hoover Deana Fitzsimmons Vicki Johnson Barbara Davis
2002 Vicki Johnson Marsha Meili Karla Romereim LeeAnn Youse Barbara Davis
2003 Marsha Meili Deana Fitzsimmons Karla Romereim Vicki Johnson Barbara Davis
2004 Marsha Meili Jennifer Hicks Karla Romereim Dorci Cotton Barbara Davis
2005 Vicki Johnson Catherine Rocky Allison Terry Bonnie Johnson Barbara Davis
2006 Marsha Meili Vicki Johnson Allison Terry Bonnie Johnson Barbara Davis
2007 Barbara Davis Catherine Rocky Allison Terry Bonnie Johnson Vickie Glancy-Cannon
2008 Barbara Davis Dorci Cotton Angela Schroeder Marsha Meili Vickie Glancy-Cannon
2009 Dorci Cotton Angela Schroeder Rikki Schreiber Marsha Meili Vickie Glancy-Cannon
2010 Dorci Cotton
Angela Schroeder
Angela Schroeder
Allison Wright
Rikki Schreiber Marsha Meili Vickie Glancy-Cannon
2011 Angela Schroeder Allison Wright Jessica Stitt Heather Jones Vickie Glancy-Cannon
2012 Allison Wright Jessica Stitt Cassiana Schroeder Heather Jones Jennifer Marshall
2013 Allison Wright Michelle Boehm Misty Frank Lynn Howitz Jennifer Marshall
2014 Michelle Boehm Lili Solorzano Bonnie Johnson Katie Henderson Allison Wright
2015 Deana Fitzsimmons Erin Fisher Kristen Cope Sara Campbell Allison Wright
2016 Erin Fisher/
Kristen Cope
Kristen Cope /
Heather Rogers
Leslie Roper Sara Campbell Cassie Schroeder
2017 Barbara Davis Ally Hall Rachel Battershaw Lynette Kithinji/
Sara Campbell
Nicole Franken
2018 Hannah Morris Rachel Battershaw Kim Burton Jessica Stitt Sara Campbell
2019 Rachel Battershaw Jessica Stitt Shaina Shapiro Rachael Schwantes



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Society of Women Engineers
Wichita Area Section
I005 PO Box 1096
Wichita, KS 67201

Jess Stitt

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Rachael Schwantes


Special Thanks

We would like to thank the following establishments for providing a location to hold our meetings:

Watermark Books & Café
Wichita Water Center