WE17 Attendees – Call for Contact Information

Are you attending Society Conference in Austin, Texas this October?  If so, we invite you to share your contact information with others from the Wichita SWE Section who will also be attending.  This allows for communication between members while out of town for networking, coordination and worse case, for an emergency contact.  If you are planning to attend WE17, please fill out the Google Form linked below:


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Expanding Your Horizons – Volunteer Opportunity 🗓

On Saturday, October 28th, there will be a volunteer opportunity to present a 45-50 minute hands-on workshop to middle school girls at the 5th Annual Expanding Your Horizons Conference held at Wichita State University. The aim of this conference is to provide young women with opportunities to meet and interact with positive women role models who are active in STEM careers and increase their interest in STEM by providing exciting and fun hands-on learning experiences. There will be two activities: Paper Rockets and Penny Bridges (see below for descriptions). We will need 4-6 volunteers per timeslot; 8-15 girls will be in each workshop timeslot for 1-3 timeslots (number of slots TBD).

If you are interested in volunteering to help set up, tear down or run an activity, you can sign up using this link: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080a4ca4ad2aa5fc1-activity.  For questions, contact Elisa Acosta at julie-elisa.s.acosta@spiritaero.com.

–       Paper Rockets (individual activity): Patterns will be given to the girls to cut out and tape together; it makes a tube, a cone, and fins. After taping their rocket parts together (and decorating it), they mount it on a PVC launcher connected to a bike pump. Volunteers will pump up the bike pump to create pressure. With the rocket on launcher, the volunteer will release the valve and shoot the rocket. The goal is to make an aerodynamic rocket with a good seal between the cone and tube. They can make adjustments to their rocket design if time permits. The rocket that reaches the farthest distance wins.

–       Penny Bridges (team activity; 3-4 girls/team): Teams will be given 1 piece of paper & 1 piece of 3″ long tape to make a bridge spanning a 9.5 inch gap. Pennies will be added by volunteers one at a time until the bridge collapses. The team that can hold the most pennies wins.

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Conference Merchandise Pre-Sales

The Professional Section is ordering merchandise for the National Conference. We are offering these to our local members prior to conference.  You can purchase through the Wichita SWE store. Paid members of the Wichita SWE section will receive $5 off of each item (except for the cardigan, we are already selling it at cost). In order to receive your discount code, please email your membership number to wichitaswetreasurer@gmail.com to confirm.

All items will have the SWE logo in the left hand pocket location. Items offered are Polo ($30), Fleece ($40), Soft Shell Jacket ($45), and Cardigan ($48,only offered to the section and must have a minimum order of 6 as we are selling these at cost).

To view the items sizes and color information, please check out this presentation.

Orders will be closed on Friday September 22nd.

If you have any questions, please email wichitaswetreasurer@gmail.com

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Trivia Night With WSU SWE Section 🗓

The Wichita Professional SWE Section is having a joint event with the WSU SWE Section on September 20th.  Come play trivia while meeting some of the members of our local collegiate section.   This is a great opportunity to network and share any tips and tricks for new engineers!  The event will start at 6 PM and will be held in the brand new Experimental Engineering Building on the WSU Campus off 17th street.  This is a great time to preview the beautiful facility if you have not yet seen it.  See the map below for location and parking information.

Please RSVP and send any questions to our Collegiate Outreach Chair, Nicole at NicoleAStahl@gmail.com.


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Things To Do In Wichita Event

Come join us and learn all about the activities and events available to you as a resident of Wichita! Our fellow SWE member, Michelle Boehm will be giving a presentation on great ways to get involved in your community, have fun and explore the full potential of Wichita.  This event is great for any new residents as well as natives who are looking for some inspiration and new ideas for activities around town.

This event will be Tuesday, September 5th from 6-7 PM at the Wichita Water Center (101 E Pawnee St.).  Please RSVP to wichitaswe@gmail.com so we can set the space up accordingly.

Attendees can place and pay for an order through Jason’s Deli.  We will be picking it up and having it ready at the event.  Deadline to order is 4:45 pm on September 5th.   Use the link below to place your food order:


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2018 Engineering Expo Kick-off Meeting 🗓

We will be holding the first 2018 Engineering Expo planning meeting on Monday, September 11th at 5:30pm at Milkfloat (https://www.milkfloat.com/ located in the Delano district). Come join us to learn more about planning this 20th Anniversary event. We are currently looking for a few people willing to take on committee leadership roles, as well as people interested in helping on the committees.

Please RSVP to sweictexpo@gmail.com so we know who to expect at the meeting.

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September General Meeting 🗓

Our General Meetings are held the first Monday of each month.  However, for September, that day is Labor Day.  To avoid the holiday, we are shifting our September General Meeting to be on August 31st.  It will remain at the same time and location, 6 PM at Make ICT.

This meeting will focus on reviewing and approving the FY18 budget as well as voting on what merchandise we will purchase and sell at the SWE Boutique in Austin.  If you have any interest in either of these topics, we strongly recommend you attend and bring your comments, questions and suggestions.  If you are unable to attend but have feedback you would like shared, please send it to wichitaswe@gmail.com.

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Membership Survey

Wichita SWE invites you to help us better understand our current membership base. Please fill out this brief survey to allow us to better serve you. You do not have to be a registered member of SWE to complete the form. We appreciate your response.
Membership Survey: https://goo.gl/forms/On0PPMeghqe8bBdL2


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WE17 Conference – Hotel Rooms Available

Are you planning to attend WE17 in Austin, Texas this October?

Spirit AeroSystems has reserved extra hotel rooms and is offering them up to members who need them.  These rooms must be transferred by the end of August.  If you are interested, please email wichitaswe@gmail.com by August 7th.

  • 8 rooms available at the Marriott 2 blocks from the convention center
  • Rate is $266 per night + $10 for every additional adult + taxes and fees
  • Rooms are run of the house
  • Currently reserved for August 25th-29th but can have dates adjusted when reservation is finalized
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FY18 Kickoff Meeting 🗓

Come meet new and current Wichtia SWE members and see what we have planned for FY18! Learn about upcoming events, membership benefits and how to get involved. Pizza will be provided and drinks will be available for purchase. Cost is $5. Please bring cash or check. Bring a new member and they are free! Spread the word and come see what Wichita SWE has to offer.

For questions or to RSVP, please contact wichitaswe@gmail.com.


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