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2019 Engineering Expo Kick Off

Interested in learning more about Engineering Expo?  Think you may want to be a committee member or chair?  Come to our first meeting on Monday August 20th at 6:00 PM.  Location will be at Watermark Books. If you have any

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Volunteers Needed for Engineering Expo

The 2017 SWE Engineering Expo will be held on Saturday, April 29.  We have volunteer needs on Friday the 28th starting at 4:00PM and all day the 29th starting at 7:30AM. Volunteer positions include but are not limited to, set-up, booth

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Girls Rock Science

Sign up for the Girls Rock Science day camps at WATC. Registration deadline extended. June 1-2 for 6th-8th graders June 15-16 for 9th-12 graders June 29-30 for 3rd-5th graders Girls Rock Science at WATC Flyer

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The goal of this activity is for each participant to build a combination of Styrofoam peanut and paperclips that neither floats on top or sinks to the bottom but rather “flinks” (hovers half way between top and bottom).  When the

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Outreach: Air Rockets!

Rockets are always fun! Here are some directions on how to make Air Rockets! WichitaSWEOutreach_AirRockets

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Outreach: Helicopters!

Here are some directions to make fun Helicopters! WichitaSWEOutreach_Helicopters

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Outreach: Solar System Bracelets

Here are some directions for making Solar System Bracelets! WichitaSWEOutreach_SolarSystemBracelets

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Outreach: Diet Coke & Mentos!

Directions for the always fun Diet Coke & Mentos! WichitaSWEOutreach_DietCokeAndMentos

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Outreach: Slime!

Slime is an Engineering Expo favorite. Here are our tips for running a slime booth for up to 1000 kids. Courtesy of Helen Haskin, Wichita Section, Society of Women Engineers.           Materials list scaled for 1000

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Outreach: Straw Rockets

Here are some direction on how to make straw rockets! Straw Rockets     MATERIALS: Paper Fat pencil straw tape scissors                                    

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