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Outreach: Solar System Bracelets

Here are some directions for making Solar System Bracelets! WichitaSWEOutreach_SolarSystemBracelets

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Outreach: Diet Coke & Mentos!

Directions for the always fun Diet Coke & Mentos! WichitaSWEOutreach_DietCokeAndMentos

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Outreach: Slime!

Slime is an Engineering Expo favorite. Here are our tips for running a slime booth for up to 1000 kids. Courtesy of Helen Haskin, Wichita Section, Society of Women Engineers.           Materials list scaled for 1000

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Outreach: Straw Rockets

Here are some direction on how to make straw rockets! Straw Rockets     MATERIALS: Paper Fat pencil straw tape scissors                                    

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Outreach: Pneumatic Hydraulic Arm

Check out these instructions to build a Pneumatic Hydraulic Arm! Pneumatic/Hydraulic Arm                           Materials: – 2 notched craft sticks – 2 syringes 10 ml (; Medical supply store) – 3 narrow

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Outreach: Brush Bots

Check out instructions on how to build Brush Bots here! Brushbots                 A BrushBot is a mechanical toy powered by a simple circuit with a pager motor that vibrates and moves the

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Outreach: Bernoulli Blowers

Here’s some instructions for learning about Bernoulli’s Principal! Bernoulli Blowers                   MATERIALS: Funnel shaped paper cup (or the top part of a plastic soda bottle) Flexible straw Styrofoam ball 1.5″ or

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Outreach: 20 Minute Airplane Activity

Here’s some instructions for creating an awesome airplane in 20 minutes! 20-Minute Aeroplane by awesomecreations                 This is a very basic polystyrene glider made almost entirely from stuff you can find in

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Engineering Expo

The 2015 Engineering Expo outreach event is on February 21, 2015. The event is in a NEW LOCATION at Century II Expo Hall (225 West Douglas Avenue, Wichita) and will again operate from 9am-2pm. There will be plenty of room for

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6 Myths to Dispel When Encouraging Young Engineers

At SWE we love to ask questions about why there aren’t more women in engineering. One key that we’ve found is that our world has a kind of narrow image of what an engineer is. This means lots of kids

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