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Online Sign Ups

Online workshop sign ups are available for one half of the available seats in each workshop (number of seats varies per workshop). The remaining seats will be available for sign ups the day of the event. Online registrants must report in at least 15 minutes before the scheduled workshop time to check in, fill out a workshop waiver form, and receive a workshop wristband. Failure to report by this time may forfeit your seat to the next student on the waiting list.

Sign ups are on a first come, first serve basis. Please contact if you have any issues with the online form.

Workshop Information

Workshops are provided to students in 6th-8th grade. Students participating in workshops will be required to provide date of birth and grade. Parents/guardians will not be allowed to participate. Each attendee must be registered for their own seat. Please sign siblings/friends up individually; they will not be allowed to share a registration.

2018 Workshop Schedule

9:30-10:15 Build a Fidget Spinner Design your own fidget spinner! Explore how different materials affect the frictional forces, centrifugal forces, and angular momentum of the fidget spinner. Sign Up Here

10:30-11:15 Hydraulic Claw Build your own hydraulic claw out of cardboard! Learn about the principles of hydraulic power and how they can be used in robotics. Sign Up Here

11:45-12:30 Solar Cars Renewable energy is being used more and more to generate electrical power. Learn how solar power converts energy from sunlight into electricity.  Build a solar-powered car, investigate how to charge the solar cell, and test out your solar car! Sign Up Here

12:45-1:30 Apollo 13 Filter: Fit a Square Peg into a Round Hole Go back in time to the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission. After an explosion crippled the spacecraft, the carbon dioxide filters have been used up and the astronauts are running out of oxygen! Now you must do the impossible – build a new filter from nothing but the spare parts and garbage on board the spacecraft. Learn to work as a team under design constraints, including time and limited resources. Sign Up Here

1:45-2:30 Squishy Circuits Explore the basics of electricity and electrical circuits using conductive and non-conductive dough.  No soldering of wires and components is required. Sign Up Here

Parent Educator Program (PEP)

This year we will be hosting our first ever Parent and Educator Program (PEP) at Engineering Expo!  This is a 45 minute program intended to answer your questions about engineering and how to best prepare your child to pursue this career field.  You will leave with tools and tips on how to best encourage your child on this challenging and rewarding path as well as resources for scholarships, college preparation and hands-on activities you can do with them at home.  This presentation is indented for adults so please try to leave your children with another adult, or better yet, sign them up for a workshop while you attend!  Read more about the program here.  Each of the time slots will cover the same material so you only need to attend one.  

10:30-11:15 Morning Program Sign Up Here

12:45-1:30 Afternoon Program Sign Up Here


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